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10 July 2014 @ 12:20 am
Rain Sound (Chapter 9 - Last)  
Title : Rain Sound
Author : azzura_01
Pairing : Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri
Rating : NC
Genre : Romance, Fluffy
Summary : Ryosuke and Yuri is best friends since elementary school until now. Because they are often together, feelings they both had come to grow. Whether rain will bring a love story for them both? Whether they will be friends forever or slowly become lovers?

Disclaimer : My own plot !
Warning : Chinen is a girl !

A/N : this story just remake from my old story.. Sorry for bad grammar ^^

Ryosuke pressed his lips on her sweet lips. Kissed her gently. Yuri let her lips played by Ryosuke. Yuri follow the flow of the chubby cheeks. They kiss increasingly felt wet. Ryosuke hugged Yuri closer to him. Make the girl hugged back him tightly. Pass on their kiss without pause. Their kiss more deepened, and entering passionate kiss.

Slowly Yuri felt weak, her body was exhausted. But she didn’t want to let go of this kiss. Didn’t want to let go Ryosuke again.

Ryosuke see Yuri's eyes closed while kissing her, while Yuri kissed him back passionately, Ryosuke took off the kiss. "Ryosuke?"

Ryosuke bowed in front of Yuri, holding her shoulders with his both hands. "We shouldn’t do this.."


"I just can’t .." Ryosuke sighed.

"Don’t you love me?" Yuri look at the Ryosuke’s lovely brown eyes with glazed.

"Yuri is not I mean .."

"So what?" Yuri tears fall again. "What did you play me??"

"No, I never played you!" Ryosuke hugged Yuri again.

"If so why? What you want to avoid me again?"

"I had to do it .." Ryosuke wiping away tears in the sweet girl's cheek. "Because you're so precious to me, I don’t want you to get hurt because it was near me .." Yuri stared at Ryosuke didn’t want to accept any reason. "I want you to be happy.." Ryosuke kissed Yuri forehead.

"I will still get hurt when you're avoiding me, when you're ignoring me, when you hate me, when you're not beside me .. I will hurt, Ryosuke.. How can I be happy when I'm alone without you by my side? I don’t want that to happen.."

"I'm sorry Yuri,,"

They were both silent for a moment.

"Mou ii yo.. you didn’t love me.." Yuri slowly pushed Ryosuke. "You do that and feel happy, I will be happy if you do that,right.." Yuri smiled force.

"Yuri, I .."

"Get out of my room .." Ryosuke still silent at his place stared Yuri sadly. "Go Ryosuke! you want me to be happy? Then go.." Yuri didn’t stare at Ryosuke. The girl who wants to hold back the tears because she felt pain. Ryosuke out of Yuri’s room slowly, patted the girl's head and say good night.

When Ryosuke closed Yuri’s door behind, her cries broke. Her tears fell not stop wetting the sweet cheeks. Scathing bitter weeping and ears if heard. Felt a deep sadness that she was heard to exit the room and heard Ryosuke.

Ryosuke crying outside the room, slumped in front of Yuri bedroom. Feel guilty with what his done. More tortured his heart and the girl’s heart who he loves. Vicarious sacrifice of mutual interest.

~ ~

Not feel the morning arrived. Yuri fell asleep while crying. Ryosuke back to his room when not hear Yuri cry again.

Yuri getting ready for school, she felt empty. This morning she didn’t want to meet the handsome man. So she went school early without touching Ryosuke-made breakfast. Leave Ryosuke at her home alone.

Ryosuke see Yuri breakfast that didn’t touch the cute girl. Ryosuke felt guilty, he couldn’t see Yuri or stare Yuri today. Therefore he decided not to go to school and go off home.


"Why don’t you go to school Ryosuke?" Said Mrs. Yamada on her son.

"I lazy mom .." Ryosuke replied dryly.

"What does this have relation to Yuri?" Ryosuke just stared at his mother with sad eyes. "What are you arguing? If like that you should apologize.." Mrs. Yamada ruffled her son hair.

"Mom is not that easy, I was really bad.." Ryosuke sighed.

"What mom could ask you something?" Ryosuke looked at his mother and nodded. Mrs. Yamada approached her son and sat beside
him. "What time did you come home with wounds that since to fight?"

Ryosuke's eyes widened. Staring wonder to his mother. "Why mom know? What Yuri who said that to you?"

Mrs. Yamada shook his head. "You're my son, how can I don’t know.." Mrs. Yamada pinching her handsome son cheeks. "What since protecting Yuri-chan, did you fight?" Ryosuke nodded. "What did you win?" Ryosuke nodded again. "So now what's the problem??"

Ryosuke tells it all without missing a single thing, other than what happened last night when kissing Yuri at her home. If his mother knew he did it, he would be killed on the spot.

"Stupid!" Mrs. Yamada whacked her son head. "Why I could have a handsome son but stupid like you.." Ryosuke shocked by his mother's behavior. "And you stay away from her?"

"Un.." he rubbed his head at his mother antecedent. "I don’t want her to get hurt because with me, I want her to be happy.." Ryosuke smiled bitterly. Mrs. Yamada whacked Ryosuke head again. "Ittai!"

"Are you sure Yuri-chan will be happy with your decision?" Mrs. Yamada touch her son cheek gently. "Yuri-chan's happiness is with you, and your happiness along with Yuri-chan, son.." Ryosuke thought for a moment with what his mother said.

"But .. she hates me Mom," Ryosuke replied softly.

"Yuri-chan won’t hate the people who she really loved.."

"What should I do, Mom?" Asked Ryosuke confused.

"You know that most of it.." Mrs. Yamada whispered softly to him. "Say that you also love her.." Mrs. Yamada blinked.

Ryosuke think of the words of his mother. Does he have to take the risk? Is love a sweet girl that is risky?

Without thinking, Ryosuke out of the house to the school, looking for Yuri, the girl his loves. No matter how the risks that would be obtained since his feelings on Yuri, which is important he wants to protect Yuri even though his lives at stake.

~ ~

At school, Yuri who was alone in class, getting ready to go home, her belongings organized and put into bags. Suddenly a group of girls get into her class. Crowded around her.

"you guys again .." Yuri staring at the same faces and then return to their activities. "What you want?"

"We just wanted to say hi, Senpai.." sly smile on the face depicted the leader.

Yuri stared at them with glare. "I've been away from Ryosuke, just like you guys want.. So, go.."

"Don’t grumpy like that senpai.." she teased her. She approached Yuri. "I just wanted to ask, what the wound I scratched is gone?"

"Wounds??" Yuri confused what she meant, but she immediately remembered an incident when she was attacked by a black-robed figure. "You ..!" Yuri looked at her with a deathly glare.

The girl laughed. "Very true.." smile turned into an evil stare. "it was a result because Senpai complained to Yamada senpai!" She was yelling at Yuri.

"Complain? What are you talking about? "

"Senpai who complained that we were locked Senpai in the barn right!" yelled the girl. Yuri stared at them with a puzzled look.

"I didn’t say .." Yuri realized that they are the culprit. "it’s you, it was the act of you guys!"

"You're very innocent Senpai.." she teased her. "Therefore Yamada senpai came to us and got mad at us, well .. Although in the end we could fool Yamada senpai.." smile leaders.

"What do you mean by lying Ryosuke?"

"Of course the fact that we are the real culprits .." that girl looked at Yuri with a grin. "We were lied to and told that we are just the victims who were told.." She started to laugh. "And he believed it.. ahahahaha"

"You!" Yuri pushing the girl. "These you like Ryosuke right? Why did you lie to him? "

"What do you know Senpai?" She asked, half yelling. "You who have been together with Yamada senpai, while we never had a chance.. we just saw it from a distance, and this our chance when you're no longer beside him.." She pushed Yuri until fall.

Yuri could only look at her while holding the pain on her body. "Ugh.."

"You must know that a woman feels ignored by people who you love, right?" She grinned. "Pain, isn’t it?" She looked at Yuri sadistic.
"Hold her!" Command on the leader girl.

"Wha .. what you guys want to do with me?" Yuri asked when there are two girls holding hands on either side.

"Teach you a lesson .." the girl shown sadistic smile. her hand rose about to hit Yuri.

Yuri could not move since hold another girl, who she knew she was going to slap her. Before hand touched her face, Yuri closes her eyes.


Yuri didn’t feel anything, her cheeks not feel pain at all. Classroom silence any voice inaudible. Yuri curious and opened her eyes. In front of her there is the figure of the man who backs her because protects her.


"Se .. se .. Senpai?" Said the girls were shaking with fear.

"Auuw, Ittai .." said Ryosuke holds his face swollen scars that slapped the girl. Some girls who hold Yuri's body, let go and hide behind the leaders. "it’s you guys.. really" Ryosuke said, staring with a glare.

"N-not Senpai.. we just told.. i-it's not like that senpai see.." lie the girl who can’t speak well.

"Hee, still willing to lie?" Teased Ryosuke. The girl shuddered. "I've heard it all.."
The girl was silent. "O-okay, we admit.. i-indeed we culprit.. but because we don’t want Senpai to close with Chinen Senpai.. she's a
nobody for Senpai right, why so close? we don’t like!" pointing in the direction of Yuri.

Ryosuke who heard that chuckle. "Nobody huh.." handsome man pull Yuri who stands behind him facing chubby cheeks.

"Ryosuke?" Yuri confused with chubby guy attitude.

Ryosuke just stared at her, caressing the sweet girl cheek gently, sweet smile before put his lips on her sweet lips. Kiss her in front of the girls. Yuri's eyes widened. The girls were surprised to see the sights that they see in front of them that where there Ryosuke and Yuri.

Ryosuke kiss Yuri gentle, and turned more passionate.

"Ryosuke .. wait .." Yuri said that tried struggled between their kisses.

"Mmm ~?" Ryosuke hugged Yuri waist pulling her close in his arms. Yuri couldn’t struggled again when Ryosuke hugged her tight and
kissed her deeper. They kissed for five minutes and let go of the kiss.

Ryosuke looked at Yuri that melted because the hot kiss while giving the angelic girl a warm smile. Ryosuke lick fluid in the sweet lips because the kiss. Yuri can only be silent disbelief. Ryosuke turned the tiny body and hugged her from behind, making Yuri leaned her body weak.

"What you guys are satisfied now?" He asked the girls who are still silent. The girls were just staring Ryosuke disbelief. "Yuri is my girl.." Yuri surprised. "If you guys dare to her hurt or touched her the tip of the nail off, I'll make sure you guys won’t be fine.. although you guys women.." Ryosuke looked at them with a deathly glare. "Do you understand?!!"

"H-hai Senpai.." they said as they ran out of the classroom.

The girls were going to leave them both in the class. They were both silent. Ryosuke who realized that he'd been hugged Yuri let go of his arms.

"Ah, gomen Yuri.." but Yuri hold his arms. Don’t want to let go of his arms. "Yuri?"

"Is it true that you said?" Ask Yuri began to sob.

“Un, you are my girl .. I don’t want anyone else hurt you.. I'm sorry about last night.." Ryosuke put his chin on Yuri shoulder. "I never know if they cheated me.. I'm so stupid to trust them and away from you.."

Yuri turned toward Ryosuke.

Yuri shook her head. "You're not stupid and you're not wrong.." Yuri caressed chubby cheeks gently. "You're not going away from me again, right?"

"I won’t.. I won’t away from you even leave you.."

"You will always be beside to me?"

"Of course.. I'll always be beside you.. I'm sorry during this Yuri.." Ryosuke bowed in front of Yuri.

Yuri raised handsome man face with her both hands. Looked at him lovingly. "Daijoubu,, now you're right here, beside me, always.." Yuri hugging handsome man. "I love you Ryosuke.. Arigatou.."

Ryosuke hugged her tightly. "I love you too Yuri, with all my feelings.."

Yuri snuggled to Ryosuke chest smelled the body scent of a man who she loves that will never leave her.

"Ah, Rainbow!" Yuri pointed in the direction that she saw a rainbow.

"Uh, really .. What was that rain huh?" Said Ryosuke who was still hugging her.

"it’s beauty~" Yuri said with amazed, smiling sweetly.

"You're prettier than rainbows, baby.." Ryosuke kissed the angelic girl forehead, Yuri chuckled when Ryosuke do.

~ ~

They go home with a feeling of happiness, holding hands towards Yuri home. At night they slept together in Yuri's room, on the bed of the sweet girl.

"Ne Ryo-chan.." Yuri said while snuggle spoiled chubby man chest.


"I want you.." Yuri said innocent.

"Eh?" Ryosuke gasped and shocked with the sweet girl statement. "What do you mean Yuri?"

"You know what I mean Ryosuke.." Yuri look at the handsome man brown eyes.

"We can’t do that Yuri.."

"Nande? Are you going to leave me again? Don’t you love me?"

"I will never leave you.. you know it.." Ryosuke hugged the angelic girl. "I love you more than anything.. someday we will definitely do
it.." Ryosuke took off his arms.

"Mou ~" Yuri pouted cutely.

"The time comes, I will propose you.." Ryosuke caressed the sweet girl cheek and smiled gently.


'Un, what do you want to wait until then? "

"Un, matte iru yo.. Ryosuke.." Yuri peck a kiss on the handsome man lips.

Ryosuke hugged her tightly. Gently caressed the sweet girl hair that he loved .

"Anoo, actually I just kidding when I said 'I want you'.. but to hear you promise to marry me, I’m very happy.." Yuri said with a chuckle.

"Me too, I love you.. My love" Ryosuke took off his arms and put his lips on her sweet lips and kissed it gently and then broke that.

"Can I get a passionate kiss like last night?" Said Yuri embarrassed by her face that has been blushing.

Ryosuke chuckled hearing request spoiled the angelic girl. "I'll give you a good one.." then kissed her sweet lips with passionate kiss who asked the angel girl.


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