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14 December 2015 @ 03:53 pm
My Dearest Sister  
Title : My Dearest Sister
Author :azzura_01
Pairing : Nakajima Yuto X OC
Rating : PG-13
Genre : AU, Romance, Angst
Summary : Yuto has a younger sister that there was no blood relationship with him, but he was very love her. But his affection for his sister turned into love.

Disclaimer : I just own the plot!

A/N this is for my friend who had birthday when Dec 3rd.. She has a crush on Yuto, so I make this story for her.. I hope her will be like this story.. ^^ Actually she’s like my sister..

I never thought that I would being alone so soon. I lost both my parents in a car accident when I was 5 years old. I still do not know anything had been left alone. I've never had relations and I do not know anyone in this world. I was alone . And will always be alone.
I was left at the orphanage. I have problems in my relationships with others. I was always shut down and does not want to close with the outside world. But that changed when I met her a year after the accident happen.

I met her when my first summer without my parents.


"Mom..mom.. I want to meet mommy.. sob sob sob"

That small body wrapped in thin clothes without jacket was crying uncontrollably. I was only able to see her without saying anything, yet I don’t know this girl. But she reminds me of myself a year ago when abandoned by my parents.

I was approached her and patted her head slowly. "Daijoubu.. I'm here,, Do you lose your parents?" She stopped crying for a moment and raised her head to try to look at me.

"Are you an angel who came to accompany Hikari?"

Huh?? I was surprised by the words of this little girl. I was silent, staring at her fixedly and shook my head.

"It was not an angel?"

I sat down in front of her, and holding her arms.

"What it is your name Hikari?" She nodded. "No Hikari-chan, I'm human like you.. I'm just a boy like the others.. Gomen ne.."

"But, niichan’s smile so beautiful, Hikari was thought that niichan are angels who come to Hikari.."

I smile? What I actually smiled at her?

"What I was smiling to Hikari-chan?"

"Un, Kirei dayo, such as the smile of angels..". She smiled, a smile is very beautiful. Sincere smile were directed only at me.

"You will accompany Hikari right? Hikari was alone.. sob sob". She was to crying again, pulling my sleeve. What should I do. Without realizing it I will immediately hugged her gently.

"Sou dayo ne..". I gently caressed her hair, smiling. "I'll stay here while waiting for your parents back.. so do not cry anymore.." I kissed her forehead and immediately she smiles more beautiful than the smile of angels.


"Niichan? Niichan? "

A dream?


"Wuaaah, Hikari? What are you doing in my room?"I asked, surprised.

"Mou.." She pouted. "I should have asked. Niichan, what’s going on? I've been waking you up Niichan, but Niichan never open your eyes, are you feeling bad?". She touch my forehead with her liitle hand. "Hmm.."

"I'm not Hikari.. I'm fine.. I'm just dreaming.." I patted her head slowly.

"Then, wake up.. I want to have breakfast with Niichan.." She smiled cutely.

"Wakatta, wait me.." She nodded cutely, and out of my room.

Danger. I could take control if I see Hikari smiled like that. What she could not be more aware when she’s in my room. I'm still a man and I am not his brother.

Hikari is a my dear sister that there was no blood relationship with me. I was adopted by a Hikaru’s family when I found her alone at the summer festival. Due Hikari who don’t want to let me even though she had met with her parents again. Even then Hikari and I never separated. We both always together. For Hikari, I was her proud big brother. For me, Hikari is everything. Even if I be able, I don’t want to part with her.

But, why did I ever dream of events 13 years ago? Is it because I think too much about my relationship with Hikari? I don’t know.


I came downstairs after showering. I met Hikari at the dinner table who had been waiting for me. We also ate and talked. But this time is Hikari was different, her face redden, and eating too little.

"Hikari, Daijoubu?" I approached her and touch her forehead. "You're hot, maybe you catch a cold?"

"Daijoubu yo Niichan,, I just feel unwell.."

"You don’t have to go to school, just at home..". tell Mom who is anxious to see Hikari’s condition.

"I have exams mom, I can’t miss it.." Hikari started to get up and walk out.

"Hikari.." I held her hand. "Listen what mother said.." I tried to calm her down.

"Hmm, well.. Yuto, take Hikari to school.." I just looked at mother with an anxious look at Hikari’s condition. I will just nodded smiling as I caressed Hikari’s head. "Eh? Ii no? What about your collage, Niichan?"

"I just drove my assignment to the professor.."

"Yeay, I love Niichan..". Hikari said as she hugged me. I just looked at her, caressing her hair gently.

Arriving at Hikari’s school, we met Hikari’s good friends.

"Hi, Yuto-san .. Long time no see.."

"Hey, Asuka-chan, right, me too, I never see you for so long.. Ah, I want to ask for your help, can you keep on eye Hikari today for me, she's a have little fever."

"Okay.." She replied smiling. "Hey Hikari, until when are you going to continue to rely on your brother like that, you will not be able to get boyfriends if you stick with your brother such a lovers.." Asuka said while pinching Hikari’s cheeks.

If such a fact, I will not suffer like this. I want to be worthy for her, who deserve to be proud. I was going to leave them both.

"Akh, Niichan!" I turned towards Hikari. "Be careful.." She waved and smiled, ah, that smile which strengthen me until now.

Rrrr Rrrr Rrrr

Hm? My phone was vibrates. I did not know this contacted.


"Ah, Yuto-san, this Asuka.. Hikari fell down the stairs and passed out.."

Without a chance to reply to the words of Asuka I immediately turned it off and went to Hikari’s school. Arriving at school I went straight to the infirmary.

"Hikari!" I opened the door and found Asuka who sat near Hikari who was lying. "How is her condition?"

"Ah, Yuto-san, Because of the fever, Hikari fell down the stairs.." I have not had time to ask again, Asuka said "Yuto-san, what are you running up here? You look so tired and pale.. "

I stared Asuka quizzically. Ah, right, I ran here as soon as possible after parking the car. Anxiety and fear may be that I feel at this time.

"Are you family of Nakajima Hikari-san?" Asked a teacher infirmary guard.

"Ah, yes, I'm her brother.."

"Nakajima-san is fine, no broken bones, just hit her head and lost consciousness until now."

"Ah, thank you sensei.." I bowed my head and immediately approached Hikari. Asuka was left there and returned to the classroom, leaving me and Hikari both.

I looked at her, the girl who usually cheerful and energetic now lying weak with her head in bandages. I held her hand delicate and dainty. Maybe it's my fault, let her go to school without my guard. Hikari I'm sorry, sorry. Unconsciously I shed a tears.

"Um, Nii..chan..?" I opened my eyes and found her staring at me. "Niichan.."

"Hikari! Do you know me? I'm your brother, do you remember?"
She looked at me strangely, because she fall that she forgot me? It’s right do you forget me? Hikari please!

"Ahahaha, Niichan weird,, of course I know ahahaha.. You're my dearest Niichan.." she said, smiling.

"Yokatta.. Yokatta.." I hugged her tightly. "I'm afraid you'll leave me alone again.."

"Niichan!" Hikari let go of my arms. "Niichan excessive fear .." she said softly as she wiped the tears from my cheeks. "I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going to leave Niicha, I promise .."

Sweet smile like that time. Unconsciously I immediately kissed her.

"Niichan!" Hikari get away from me.

"Akh Gomen.." I tried to cover my mouth with the back of my hand. I.. kiss her?

"Niichan.. nande..?" Hikari looked at me sadly. I wanted to smack myself for doing things that make Hikari would hate me.

"I .. um .."

Suddenly someone entered.

"Nakajima-san, if it feels well, you can go home now.." said guard infirmary.

We were both surprised, I looked at Hikari, and she looked away. She must hate me. I just nodded to the guard.

"I'll wait outside and call Asuka for help.."

"Niichan!". I turned around, but Hikari still don’t want to stare at my face. "I want Niichan who helped me, I don’t want anyone else..". I
just shut up and obey what she wants.

Arriving at home.

"Niichan, carry me.." She held out her small hand it to I carried, but she still doesn’t want to look towards my face.

"Well.." I carry her like a princess with her arms looped around my neck. "Ne Hikari.." Hikari replied with a murmur. "Are you angry because I kiss you?" Hikari were shocked directly at me. "Yokatta, finally you look at me.." Hikari looked the other way again.

"Niichan cheating, why did you do that to me?". She asked softly. The answer is definitely because I love you, but how could I tell you like that.

"Because you look adorable when you said it.. ahahaha"

"But that's.."

"Sorry Hikari, I won’t do it again.. You can hit me or whatever it is. I won’t do it again. I don’t want you to hate me. I'm not a good brother to you, Gomen.". I said softly.

"Umm,,". Hikari shook her head. "You the best Niichan for Hikari.. Hkari love Niichan.."

If it is in another sense, I would be happy, but I was quite happy to hear that. Thank you Hikari.


A week after the incident, I avoid Hikari. I don’t want something like that happen again. I don’t want to loose control again while I with Her. I love her because of that I want her to stay with me and does n’t hate me. That was enough for me.

"Dad, I want to say something.."

"What Yuto? From look on your face like you want to talk about it seriously?"

"As I expect from you dad, just to see the look on my face, you know.."

"Of course, already 13 years you lived with me.. How did I not know you.."

"Souka already 13 years.. well.. Therefore, there is a request..” He just looked at me strangely.

"Rarely do you ask me something Yuto, what is it? Tell me.."

"I want to live alone.. I please allow me dad." I bend my body in front of my dad. My dad was silent.

"Sonna, you will be leaving the house Yuto?" Mom heard directly toward me. "I don’t allow it, I thought you'd like my own son. You're my son. I don’t want you to leave me.. Mom doesn’t want to part with you, Yuto." She hugged me tightly.

"Mom, I just moved into an apartment near my campus. I just try to live alone.. I'm not going to leave you, mom. I will always come if mom called me home.."

"But..but.. How about Hikari? Hikari will be sad that she can’t be together with you.."

My reason for my going because Hikari. I could not be near her if they keep this feeling.

"I can’t possibly together with Hikari forever mom.. Someday, Hikari will surely find a man suitable for her.. I will always be a big brother that she was proud of.."

"Come on Mom, it is the decision of Yuto, it is also Yuto’s request.. you have to let go him, yet he just moved.. He will be back.. so calmdown.." father said calming my mom.

"All right, but you promise you'll always come home if I calling you.." I nodded and hugged again.

"Thank you, dad, mom, thank you for coming into my parents.. but, conceal it from Hikari when move time, I don’t want to because of her I couldn’t move." Both my parents just nodded with a smile understand what I mean.


Time for my moving day. I have to leave before Hikari came home from school. I don’t want to see her cry.

"Yuto, No items left behind again?"

"It's a mother, things I needed already I move into my apartmen .. only luggage alone.. I go soon.."

I went to Hikari’s room. I saw a picture of us on display at the desk. Photos where I hugged her and she smiled happily. I put the letter on her desk, the contents of my moving today. I wish she would not yell at me until she hate me. After that I was saying goodbye to mom and dad and then out of the house.

I walked towards the train station. On my way to the train station I heard someone calling me.

"Niichan !!" I turned.

"Hikari?". I don’t believe he followed me? "Hikari doushitano?". I asked her when she got in front of me, while panting.

"Baka !!"

"Eh? Hika.."


"Hikari, calm down, I can explain it.." I held her hand trying to calm her, but she soon refuse it.

"I don’t want to hear it! Niichan liar! Niichan said you will not leave me.. Niichan say will always be by my side.. Niichan said we would always be together.. Now what? Niichan even away from me, leaving me alone.. niichan don’t keep your promises to me.. Niichan liar! I hate niichan!! "Her tears flowed slowly down her cheek. "Nande?" cries increasingly sounded.

I approached her and gently caressed her hair.

"Because I want to keep my promise to you, and I want to remain as your brother that you are proud of until then.."
She looked at me slowly.

"But it was no use, if niichan none beside me.. but why? Niichan is Hikari’s brother right? Why Niichan have to leave me? "

"That's because I was your brother.. I couldn’t always be with you.."

"Why is not possible?? What is the reason it was not enough to make you beside me??"

"Of course Iit can’t!" I raised my tone. I've reached the limit. She paused at me. I held her shoulders with both hands and looked down. "I can’t.. The reason it can’t make me be beside you always.."

"Nande?" I sighed and began again.

"Because.. I love you.. I love you not as a sister.. but I love as a woman..". I let go of my hand and looked at her. "Gomen Hikari..". Her eyes still filled with tears. I couldn’t look at her.

"It's okay right, if niichan love me? That is a reason enough for you to be beside me.."

"That's why I can’t be your brother again.. You should know that.."

"So what? What's wrong with you love me? "Hikari pressuring.


"I remember!" Huh? "I remember that when I first met niichan.." Hikari remember?. "I remember who’s niichan.. I remember everything.. a sweet boy, gentle hand caressing my head, smile like an angel.. I remember that.." I looked at Hikari who still sobbing.

"And you know, Niichan is that boy, the boy was my first love.. Niichan is my first love! So don’t ever say that Niichan not love me, don’t ever say that Niichan would leave me alone.. I will suffer if Niichan none beside me.."

Hikari also love me? Now what should I do? What I should be happy or sad when I found out?

"Hikari.." I wiped the tears welling on her cheecks. "But we are siblings.."

"I know, but we don’t have blood relations.." She looked at me in deep. "What's wrong if we love each other?". The tears continued to flow. "Hontou ni, dame?"

"Not like that, what about mom and dad? They will not forgive us if this way.."

"Their was knew.” Eeh? I stared at her in disbelief. "About us..” I sat down and bowed my head. "Niichan?"

I looked at her and smiled. "Well, it can’t be helped.” If mom and dad are already blessing. I never thought they would treat me like their son with give their daughter to me. If I remember past events, both of them who don’t want the two of us split. "Come here.." I spread my hands make a sign to call her to hug me.

"Niichan! I love you.." She hugged me tightly, while crying.

"I love you so much, too.."

I hugged her gently as I’ll gonna lose her.

After all, I love this girl.

So I'll never let go.



That's all ^^
I hope you will like it.. ^^
Comment are love.. >,<

Ah, Sou.. This is my first story beside YamaChii hehehe
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